Most people demand a reliable heating source when it’s extremely cold in Rhode Island. Most residents prefer to keep their family warm and save money. The following guide is dedicated to deciphering which is the better heating solution; gas or oil.

It’s true that natural gas costs less to burn, but oil burns hotter. It takes oil half the time to heat your home, saving you more money in the long run. When you’re looking for a valuable heating source it’s measured in BTU’s. It’s a fact that oil provides more value as a heating solution. Both gas and oil are effective heating methods, but oil has less impact on the environment. Unfortunately, there’s also the threat of carbon monoxide by using gas which leaves a potential safety hazard for you and the ones you love. Many people consider trading out their oil furnace for a gas heating system before actually factoring in the long-term costs.

Both oil and heat have their pros and cons and it’s really up to the resident to decide which one is best for their home. However, an oil furnace has a 15 year longer life expectancy than a gas furnace and they cost less. Keep in mind, your oil filter must frequently be changed because of the soot build-up caused by using heating oil. However, with the heating professionals at McKee Energy Services, changing your oil heating filter regularly is never a problem. We’re committed to quality service that’s completely unmatched by other local area competitors. Our team of HVAC professionals will ensure your oil furnace is always in perfect operating condition to prepare you for the winter months ahead. You’re invited to contact us to discuss your unique heating needs today. When it’s cold outside trust McKee Energy Services to keep your family warm.