When the temperatures fall in Cumberland, RI and the surrounding area, one of the scariest things that can happen is for your heating furnace to suddenly stop working. During the Winter’s cold months, many Rhode Island residents will frantically scramble to find a trustworthy heating repair company. Still, while the reasons for heating repairs can create a long list, there are a few which regularly present themselves and are the most common heating repairs.

Below are the five most common issues that will require an expert heating repair person:

1. Improper Maintenance – Your home’s systems need regular maintenance, just like any other piece of machinery. If you have failed to regularly schedule a service person to inspect and maintain your heating system, a poorly functioning heater is an eventuality.

2. Damaged Thermostat – Your home’s thermostat is a critical component of your heating system. If it is not functioning properly, you may find your heating system turning on and off frequently or not turning on at all.

3. Dirt or Clogged Filters – We cannot stress this enough, regularly change your air filter. You will have airflow problems if you do not, which will then create a lot of stress on your heating system.

4. Regular Wear and Tear – Heavy use of a heating system during the winter is unavoidable. However, especially with an older system, there will be an eventual malfunction. Regular maintenance can mitigate this eventuality.

5. Ignition and Pilot Problems – With both oil and gas, these systems ignite the fuel which will then heat the air. If they are damaged and fail to function normally, you can get irregular heat or even no heat at all.

Regardless of whether you are experiencing one of the above heating repair problems, or something entirely different, McKee Energy Services is here to help. Our technicians can diagnose and repair your heating issues problems quickly and affordably.

What haven’t we covered yet that is important to you? If you would like more information on common heating repairs, or a related topic, please contact us.