We often get this service question from mainly new ductless slip system owners. They will sometimes confuse either a light mist or steam for smoke coming from the unit. Some homeowner may even panic that their system is burning up because this can happen when the unit’s fan stops. If you have discovered that your ductless slip system is emitting steam or a mist, you likely have nothing to worry about.

A thin mist may be noticed appearing from the indoor unit during Cooling or Dry operation. This occurs from the swift cooling of the room’s air by the air discharged from the air conditioner. As a result, there is sometimes condensation and misting. On the other hand, if the outdoor unit’s fan stops and you notice steam rising from the unit, this is likely caused by the Automatic Defrosting operation.

When it comes to the indoor mist, there is nothing to do. This is a natural process of moisture evaporating. However, when it comes to steam from the outdoor unit, while it is typically considered a part of the operation and not a malfunction, there are times when you should have it looked at, especially if it seems like the unit is continuously going into the Automatic Defrosting operation. You can have a bad defrost control, defrost sensor, thermostat, or outdoor fan motor. It is also possible that you have a refrigerant leak or blocked coil. It is always better to have it checked out if you are worried or concerned.

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