With summer fast approaching in Rhode Island, Rhode Islanders can expect temperatures of up to 80 degrees fahrenheit and perhaps above. Many Rhode Islanders will be dependent on their HVAC systems to cool their households, businesses, and places of residence. But A/C units have a tendency to break and require maintenance, to keep Rhode Island residents cool.

According to Coolray, there are five ways in which A/C units can break down.

  1. The number one and most common reason being forgetting to change the air filter. The filter can get clogged and require additional energy costs to do the same amount of work.
  2. Ignoring strange noises. Strange noises can be an indicator of a bigger problem. One that might require serious maintenance.
  3. Disregarding regular maintenance. This should be done in most cases annually as summer approaches. In some cases, this may even void the warranty of your system.
  4. Closing air vents in unused rooms. This is a bad practice. It is recommended to keep vents open, even in unused rooms. This may cause an imbalance of pressure and can actually cost more than it saves.
  5. Funny enough… Having your dogs too close to the air vents. Dog urine is highly toxic to coils and parts in your system and can require serious maintenance.

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