Most people don’t pay attention to the air conditioner until the summer comes and they sit sweating uncomfortably in the house. However, it’s never a good idea to wait until the last minute to tend to your HVAC problems. Installing a new aircon system is not an instant job, not to mention the high investment involved. To save you from future troubles, here’s a list of common mistakes people make with their AC installation.

Bad Furnace Choice

Getting a furnace that has a suitable size will not only help you save on electricity costs but also prevent future problems. Don’t assume that your old furnace size will work well for the new unit. Newer models are much more efficient. That’s why it can take a smaller furnace to cool down the same area.

Faulty Duct Installation

The duct system is among the most important factors that affect your AC performance. When not sealed properly, ducts can be the cause of energy waste and increased electricity bills. Not only that, but faulty duct installation will also result in humidity problems which may bring the indoor air quality down.

Poor Air Distribution Design

The AC contractor needs to design the duct system in a way that efficiently distributes cool air throughout the space. The correct duct size should be used to maximize the AC capacity. Therefore, using your old duct system may not be a good idea if the new AC unit is a different model.

Bad Drain System

Your AC unit usually produces a good amount of wastewater during its operation. The water needs to be safely drained away using the drain system or it will cause leaks and other humidity-related problems like mold and bad air quality.

As you can see, choosing a modern AC unit is not enough. You need a knowledgeable HVAC contractor to skillfully carry out the installation. Don’t make the above silly mistakes. Speak to a qualified HVAC expert by contacting us today!