3 Ways to Make Your Central Air Conditioning System Save You Money

Central air conditioning and heating units are the leading consumers of electricity in our homes. In Rhode Island, where there are extremely cold winters followed by sweltering hot summers, this is especially true. As a homeowner, you have several options you can put to your advantage to help counteract these forces of nature from affecting your electric bill.

Keep system maintained

Maintenance is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your system performs at its peak and does not draw unnecessary energy from the power company. A technician trained and certified in HVAC should check all internal parts of the central air conditioning system, including the refrigerant levels, amperage drawings, and motor strengths. The technician will then recommend if any part of the system needs to be cleaned or repaired.

Repair it right away

You will know if your system needs a repair because the technician will alert you. If something is broken in the central air conditioning system, this broken part could be draining extra power. For example, low refrigerant levels, or a stuck contactor will cause the system to stay on for extended periods of time and drain unnecessary energy. Be aware, however, that older systems are generally not worth being repaired, and should be replaced.

Consider a replacement

Systems over 8 years old have been subjected to normal wear and tear, and are approaching their life expectancy. They usually become overrun with biological growth, corrosion, and malfunctioning parts that are not worth fixing. Oftentimes, a replacement system or new installation is warranted.

Contact McKee Energy Solutions, servicing Rhode Island and southern Massachusetts, to give your central air conditioning system a tune-up. Their professionals will also determine if anything can be done to save you money.