Have you ever checked your thermostat inside your home and wondered why the thermostat says one thing but your home feels completely different? Before you think it’s the thermostat malfunctioning and you need to call in the experts in air conditioning repairs, there are a few different reasons why your home can feel different than what the temperature reads. We’ll review some situations that influence your indoor climate.

Dry and Sticky

Humidity plays a big role in the real-feel temperature. This is due to how your body reacts to the moisture in the air. Body heat remains trapped because high humidity impedes evaporation.

In the winter, low humidity is the issue. While you may not necessarily think so, people do sweat in the winter time, and the dry air causes the sweat to evaporate quickly, and subsequently makes you feel colder.

You can install whole-house humidifiers and dehumidifiers to reduce the humidity level in your home. You can also repair plumbing issues and reduce the number of houseplants you have. If humidity issues continue, have your air conditioner checked to see if it’s the correct size for your home.

Summer Breeze

You feel cooler inside when the air is circulating, the same as you feel cooler on a hot summer day with the breeze blowing against you. Sweat evaporates and pulls the heat away from you, and it does so more efficiently when the air is flowing. Using fans helps keep the home cooler than just using the air conditioner alone.

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