Are you installing a new air conditioning system in your home? If so, you are probably looking for ways to cut down the installation costs. According to Home Advisor, the average cost of installing a central air conditioning system in Rhode Island is $6,648. The cost can be as high as $12,000 or more depending on project-specific factors.

It’s understandable that you may want to make savings by doing DIY installations or engaging a handyman. However, before you do so, understand that using professional AC installers comes with numerous perks. You may spend more in the end, but the extra cost will be worth it in the long run. Thus, before you roll up your sleeves for some DIY work, keep reading to learn the importance of using professional AC installation experts in Rhode Island.

Get Recommendations on the Best Units

The experts come in handy right from when you choose the best air conditioning system for your home. Different homes have different cooling needs depending on the size, the number of occupants, climatic factors, and much more. For example, a one-story house would need a smaller unit as compared to a two or three-story one.

Experts understand the different cooling needs of homes based on the determining factors, and they can recommend the best unit to buy. They understand how different systems such as central ACs, split systems, swamp coolers, window units, and wall-mounted ACs work and their pros and cons.

They can advise on the best models on the market for maximum energy savings. Although you’ll spend more by engaging an expert, you’ll end up with an air conditioning system that’s reliable, energy-efficient, convenient to use, and one which won’t cost you an arm and a leg for repairs in the future.

Learn About Energy Efficiency Ratings

The U.S Department of Energy recommends that you invest in an air conditioning system with an Energy Star label and a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) above 14. Such units are 15% more efficient than their standard counterparts and can save up to 20% to 40% of your annual cooling costs. Now, expert installers are aware of these recommendations and advise their clients on the same as they invest in air conditioning systems.

If you choose to DIY or hire a handyman, you may end up with a unit that’s not Energy Star certified or with a low SEER of 6 or below. The result will be high energy consumption.

Get Professional Installations

One of the primary cause of air conditioning system failure in new units is poor workmanship. Incorrect installation can lead to air leaks and system malfunction which will cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs.

An expert installer has the expertise and technical know-how required in installing air conditioning systems for maximum efficiency. They pay attention to issues such as the following:

  • Proper placement of indoor and outdoor units for maximum efficiency and proper airflow
  • Proper ductwork to prevent air leaks which lead to uneven cooling and increased energy costs
  • Correct bending of ducts in corners and nooks to prevent breakage which leads to air leaks and system malfunction
  • Installation of ceiling fans together with the AC to facilitate faster cooling
  • Proper placement and installation of AC thermostat

Seemingly simple mistakes such as placing the indoor unit near the outdoor one or failing to tilt the indoor unit correctly can cost you much in the future. However, with professional installation, you can be assured of quality workmanship.

Leverage Expert Tips on AC Maintenance

Most people forget about their air conditioning systems until there is a need for repairs. If an expert installs it, they can offer valuable tips on how to maintain the unit and extend its durability. Some advice you’re likely to get includes the following:

  • How often to clean or change filters
  • What type of filters to get
  • How often to schedule professional tune-ups
  • Which parts of the unit to clean
  • How to protect the outdoor unit in the cold season

What’s more, most experts offer maintenance, emergency repairs, and annual tune-up services at affordable costs. You can say goodbye to frequent breakdowns and repairs.

Hire the Professionals for AC Installation

Hiring the experts for AC installation has numerous benefits. Therefore, ditch the handyman and you’ll end up saving much more in repairs and maintenance.

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