The hot summer can be quite uncomfortable when you don’t have a functional AC unit. Whether you’re at home or workplace, installing an air conditioning system is vital. Again, you need to ensure it is operating at optimum levels when preparing for the summer.

However, air conditioning systems consist of several components and moving parts that increase their latitude for issues. With that, some sections have proven to be common problems affecting different AC types.

Here are common AC repairs most homeowners and businesses request;


The compressor is a separate component within your air conditioner system. It is equipped with its own motor and electrical wiring with the role of pressurizing the refrigerant to release heat. This component works even harder to cool homes and businesses; hence, prone to different issues.

Repairing the motor and electrical connections is a difficult task in AC compressors. For this reason, certified HVAC technicians should handle compressor problems.


Air conditioners incorporate two fans; the condenser fan found in the outdoor unit and the evaporator fan. The condenser fan ousts heat from the system while the blower fan pushes cool air into the ductwork.

Generally, fans facilitate the cooling process, and they aren’t free against problems. Common fan problems include bent or loose blades, issues with the belt and motor. These are some typical fan faults technicians are called to address daily within Rhode Island.


Homeowners with air conditioners installed can attest refrigerant leaks are regular problems they experience. Most units have this problem but locating its source is quite hectic. Once your AC begins to leak, refrigerant levels tend to reduce and result in more issues.

Hiring an experienced and professional technician can help assess and determine the source of the problem. This helps build your unit’s refrigerant capabilities that guarantee efficiency and superior cooling throughout the year’s hottest days.

If you experience issues with your cooling system in Rhode Island, don’t wait for an entire system breakdown to call for help. We here at McKee Energy Solutions have a solution for you. Contact us and schedule your AC repair service today!