If you want to have one of the most efficient and reliable heating systems installed in your home, hydro-air systems provide the efficiency you need. These are systems that take advantage of the efficiency of hot water heaters or boilers and conventional forced-air HVAC. The following hydro-air system information will help you decide if these systems are the right solution for your household heating needs:

How Hydro-Air Heating Systems Work—The design of a hydro-air heating system uses hot water that is pumped through an air conditioning coil. This coil is what provides the thermal exchange to heat your home. It is essentially a heat exchanger that is installed inside of a more conventional HVAC air handler. The blower then blows air through the air handler and over the coils to provide heating to the different areas of your home. There are also advantages to hydro-air heating systems, which include:

  • Comfort without cold pockets
  • Easy to maintain
  • Odorless heating designs
  • Easily expandable heating solutions

These are the advantages of installing a hydro-air heating system for an efficient energy solution for your home.

Initial Installation of Hydro-Air Heating Systems—The initial installation of a hydro-air heating system will start with the installation of a water boiler. This boiler needs to be sized for the heating and hot water needs of your home. It can be slightly larger in case you plan on expanding the system in the future. Once the boiler is installed, the air handler and coils will be connected to your HVAC ductwork. If you are planning on doing complete HVAC upgrades, all the ducts in your home may be replaced.

Using Hydro-Air Systems for Other Thermal Needs—One of the biggest advantages of using a hydro-air heating system is that it can be used for other thermal needs. Some of the other heating that the system can be used for includes:

  • Pool heaters
  • Heating additional spaces
  • Providing hot water for plumbing

These are some of the additional hot water needs that a hydro-air heating system can be used for in your home.

Installing a hydro-air system for your household heating needs can be a great way to improve the efficiency of your home. Contact McKee Energy Solutions if you are thinking about a hydro-air system to reduce your winter heating costs.