Why should I choose oil heat?

Oil customers consistently report high levels of satisfaction with oil heat, praising its safety, cleanliness, convenience, accessibility, fast service, efficiency and reliability.

Is oil heat clean?

Oil heat is clean and getting cleaner! Today’s heating oil is 95% cleaner than it was in 1970. Best of all, when properly maintained, oil heating systems create no soot, dirt or odors in your home—just comfortable warmth.

Is oil heat safe?

Oil heat is perfectly safe! Burning oil takes a high-tech burner to vaporize the oil and then ignite it. In fact, if you drop a match into a tank of heating oil, it won’t ignite—the match will go right out!

What is oil heat’s impact on the environment?

While once seen as a big contributor to environmental destruction, oil heating systems have improved dramatically in recent years. Before the development of modern oil burners, oil heat systems produced about 10lbs of emissions per 1000 gallons burned. Now, every 1000 gallons of oil burned produces only seven ounces of emissions!

Why do oil prices fluctuate so much?

Oil prices rise and fall all the time and depend on a number of factors. Some of these factors include:

  • Seasonality in demand
  • Changes in the cost of crude oil
  • Competition in local markets
  • Regional operating costs

Even with price fluctuations, oil heat is often seen as one of the least expensive and most efficient home heating methods available!

Where does heating oil come from?

While many people worry that most oil heat comes from foreign countries, we actually get plenty of it right here at home—in fact, 40% of our crude oil comes from here in the US! Best of all, the world’s total known supply of oil has actually increased by about 10% since 1980, which means we’re finding new oil faster than we’re burning it! This makes oil a dependable heating choice and one that will stay reliable for quite some time.