Oil Delivery has been part of the McKee Brothers family business for over 60 years. We take great pride in our service, competitive pricing and quality product.

Oil Delivery is available for all of Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts including these areas:

  • Oil Delivery Rhode Island
  • Oil Delivery Lincoln, RI
  • Oil Delivery Cumberland, RI
  • Oil Delivery Smithfield, RI
  • Oil Delivery Johnston, RI
  • Oil Delivery Woonsocket, RI
  • Oil Delivery Pawtucket, RI
  • Oil Delivery Attleboro, MA

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See why Oilheat is the smart choice for home comfort.

Millions of Americans enjoy the safety, environmental friendliness, efficiency and economy of today’s Oilheat. In this section, you’ll discover these valuable benefits – and more:

  • Safety: Did you know that if you drop a lit match into a tank of Oilheat, it will go out? Discover this, and other safety properties of fuel oil.
  • Ecology: Thanks to conservation measures and the increased efficiency of Oilheat equipment, heating oil consumers today use 6 billion fewer gallons of oil a year than they did in the 1970s. And the Oilheat industry continues to search for ways to conserve even more energy in years to come. Read all about it!
  • Economy: If you adjust for inflation, the price of heating oil is actually less than it was in 1980! Discover how Oilheat is a great value, year after year.
  • Price Options: Many Oilheat dealers offer a wide array of full service solutions that offer you savings and peace of mind. Take a look!
  • Tax Credits/Incentives: The federal government and maybe even your state or municipality offers tax credits for the purchase of specific energy efficient Oilheat products. Is there a tax credit in your future? You don’t need a crystal ball – simply click here.

5 Surprising Oilheat Facts:

  1. The average AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) of a new Oilheat system is in the low-to mid-80s. These efficiency levels were reached even before a federal mandate required that all heating systems have a minimum AFUE of 78%.
  2. Thanks to major technological advancements, the newest Oilheat systems (condensing boilers and furnaces) have AFUE ratings that exceed 92%.
  3. Oilheated homes warm up quickly and provide even, efficient heat. For every gallon of oil burned, a whopping 138,000 Btus (British Thermal Units) of heat is generated and the flame temperature of Oilheat systems reaches about 3,000.
  4. There are about 10 million Oilheated homes in the United States; 350,000 of them were built in the past decade.
  5. Millions of homes in Europe rely on Oilheat for comfort. Germany and Italy, along with the United States, are leaders in the manufacture of Oilheat equipment.

Oilheat customers are satisfied customers. According to heating oil industry research, 95% of Oilheat users are satisfied with their dealer’s overall performance and feel they do a good job delivering oil and servicing heating equipment.

Discover the benefits of Oilheat now! Contact us today!

*Content from OilheatAmerica.com 

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