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Are you looking for a reliable oil delivery company to supply your home with environmentally friendly, energy-conserving oil heat in Smithfield, Rhode Island? You’ve come to the right place! McKee Bros. has been the Smithfield, Rhode Island area’s number one home oil delivery company since the 1950s, and we’ve been carrying on our proud tradition of providing the most reliable home oil delivery service throughout the state of Rhode Island for four generations! One thing is certain: if you live in Smithfield, Rhode Island or anywhere else in the Rhode Island / Massachusetts area and need home oil delivery, call McKee Bros.!

Smithfield, Rhode Island Home Heating Oil

Home heating oil has been at the core of the McKee Bros. business since the 1950s! For over 60 years we’ve taken great pride in our service, competitive pricing and quality products. Millions of Americans (and, of course, many in the Smithfield, Rhode Island area) enjoy oil heat for its safety, environmental friendliness and economy. Check out these surprising facts about Smithfield, Rhode Island home heating oil:

  • If you drop a lit match in a tank of home heating oil, the match will go out!
  • Thanks to conservation measures and the increased efficiency of home heating oil equipment, heating oil consumers today use 6 billion fewer gallons of oil a year than they did in the 1970s. And the home heating oil industry continues to search for ways to conserve even more energy in years to come.
  • If you adjust for inflation, the price of heating oil is actually less than it was in 1980!
  • McKee Bros. offer a wide array of full service solutions for all your Smithfield, Rhode Island home heating oil needs!

If you’re looking for a safe, reliable and efficient way to heat your home, there’s nothing better than oil heat. And if you’re looking for Smithfield, Rhode Island home heating oil delivery, there’s no one better than McKee Bros.!

Smithfield, Rhode Island Heating & Air Conditioning

At McKee Bros., we do more than just home heating oil delivery – our technicians are also Smithfield, Rhode Island heating and air conditioning experts! We carry our tradition of great customer service with us to all our air conditioner installation, repair and replacement jobs so you’ll be able to count on the quality of your new AC for years to come. Our Smithfield, Rhode Island air conditioning service technicians offer professional planning, sizing and installation along with fast repair. We even do 24 hour emergency repairs!

At McKee Bros., we want you to be protected at all times. That’s why we offer Gold and Silver maintenance plans for AC, gas heat and oil heat. Contact us today to review the Terms and Conditions for our Smithfield, Rhode Island service plans and get started today!

Smithfield, Rhode Island Plumbing Service

Need to call a plumber? Call McKee Bros.! We can take care of all your Smithfield, Rhode Island plumbing issues, including but not limited to:

  • Boiler and hot water heater service and maintenance
  • Water releases
  • Sump pump installations
  • Well systems
  • Faucets, sinks & toilets
  • Bath & kitchen remodeling
  • Dishwasher installation and washer/dryer hook-ups
  • Garbage disposals
  • Water softeners

Whatever your Smithfield, Rhode Island plumbing needs, call McKee Bros.!

Top Quality Customer Service in the Smithfield, Rhode Island Area

McKee Bros. has been doing business in the Smithfield, Rhode Island area for over 100 years. Family owned from the start, we carry a proud tradition of providing top notch oil delivery, heating, air conditioning and plumbing service to all of our customers. If you need home heating oil, HVAC service or plumbing, call McKee Bros. today!