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Did your last heat pump inspection turn up some issues that need to be addressed? Is your heat pump having problems making the switch from heating to cooling or vice versa? Your heat pump is vital to keeping your home in Rhode Island comfortable, so if yours breaks down at any time of the year, call McKee Bros. for heat pump repair today!

The Providence, RI Heat Pump Repair Experts

At McKee Bros., we’ve seen literally every type of heat pump problem imaginable – from leaky coils to busted blowers and everything in between! Some of the most common complaints we get from heat pump owners in Rhode Island are:

“My heat pump doesn’t heat/cool the house as well as it used to.”

If your heat pump is heating or cooling less than normal, you may have a low refrigerant charge. This would be caused by a leak and can result in a number of other issues – potentially even causing your heat pump to freeze! If a low refrigerant charge isn’t the problem, you may have low air or water flow. If inadequate heating or cooling is something you’ve always struggled with, the problem may not be with the heat pump itself – it may just be the wrong size for your house!

“My heat pump doesn’t work in heating mode.”

This one doesn’t happen often, but sometimes heat pumps don’t operate when you first switch them to heat mode. There are a number of different reasons why this could be true, from a low pressure lock-out to a stuck reversing valve. At worst, you could have a compressor failure. Call McKee Bros. for a thorough diagnosis and heat pump repair!

“My heating and cooling costs are increasing.”

If your heating and cooling costs are increasing throughout the year, you could have improper control settings or you could be using your thermostat improperly. If neither of these is the case, your heat pump could be wearing down – assuming it’s not too far gone, heat pump repair should be able to take care of many of the problems!

“My heat pump is frozen!”

Though surprising to see, it’s not uncommon for your heat pump compressor to ice up at some point over the course of the season – in fact, most heat pumps go through what are called freeze/defrost cycles constantly. If your heat pump freezes up and stays frozen, however, this could be cause for concern. This may be due to inadequate airflow, low refrigerant charge or improper drainage. Whatever the problem, McKee Bros. can help!

No matter what’s going on with your heat pump in the Providence, Pawtucket or Woonsocket, Rhode Island area, McKee Bros. has the solution! Call us today or click here for heat pump repair in Rhode Island, no matter what the season!

Our Other Heat Pump Services

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