Air Conditioner Repair in Rhode Island

Air conditioners are generally reliable, and should last for years when properly maintained. That said, if your air conditioner breaks down, you’ll know immediately! Next time your AC stops working, don’t wait around sweating while you try to find a Rhode Island air conditioner repair company to take care of the problem – call McKee Bros.!We provide fast, friendly service to families all around Rhode Island, from Pawtucket to Providence to Woonsocket and everywhere in between. When you need air conditioner repair, don’t wait – call us today.

Expert AC Service in Rhode Island

If you have your air conditioner inspected when necessary and try to keep it in good shape, it should last you a long time. There are, however, a few signs you should look out for that will let you know you need air conditioner repair! The following are some problems you may run into with your air conditioner – all of which can be corrected with a quick call to the Rhode Island air conditioner repair pros at McKee Bros.!

Your air conditioner coils are frozen – this is all too common in the summer. As warm air blows over the cool AC coils, moisture in the air condenses along the coil. If the airflow is blocked, or if there is a problem with your fan or with the refrigerant in your system, that condensation may freeze and could cause potentially serious harm to your AC. If you suspect you have frozen air conditioner coils, first change your filters. If this doesn’t help, call McKee Bros.!

Your air conditioner is leaking – a leaky air conditioner can be a big problem – not only will it not cool your house, but it can also cause water-associated problems, including mold and other water damage! If you have a leaky AC, call McKee Bros. We can inspect your air conditioner’s condensate pan and take care of any problems your air conditioner may have.

Your air conditioner is making loud noises – loud noises from your air conditioner are usually the result of a dislodged or fraying fan belt – not something you want to deal with! Call McKee Bros. for fast fan belt replacement in Rhode Island so your AC will work smoothly again.

Your air conditioner just isn’t cooling – if you can’t figure out what’s wrong with your air conditioner other than you’re sweating and it’s 90 degrees outside, call McKee Bros.! We’ll get to the bottom of whatever problem you’re having so you can get back to being comfortable again.

Call or click today if you need air conditioner repair in Providence, Pawtucket or Woonsocket, Rhode Island!

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