What Type of Heating Should I Get in RI?

When replacing current HVAC systems or building new construction, one must decide which heating system will suit their property best. Determining what type of heating should I get in RI becomes a serious consideration. Therefore, making sure you have all the facts is priority when choosing the right heating system for your specific needs. Many residents and commercial companies in the Rhode Island area choose oil heating systems for their property for a variety of reasons.

Top Reasons for Choosing Oil Heat

  • Maintaining Comfort Level: Heating oil is proven to heat a home more quickly and efficiently that other heating systems. This is due to the temperature at which home heating oil burns. In addition, the temperature created by home heating oil remains more consistent throughout the structure and uses less energy to maintain than other methods.
  • Cost Effective: Home heating oil contains over 138,000 BTUs per gallon compared to natural gas which only contains 99,000 BTUs per therm. It takes 1.4 therms of natural gas to equal one home heating oil gallon.
  • Environmentally Conscious: Current statements by the EPA state that home heating oil combustion burns clean. Because of the high BTU rating, home owners also use less home heating oil than natural gas, less waste equals higher efficiency.
  • Safety: Home heating oil is extremely safe. In a liquid state, home heating oil cannot combust when exposed to air. Because home oil burns so efficiently and clean, you never have to worry about carbon monoxide inhalation when your unit is properly maintained.
  • Dependability: It is the home or building owner who manages the supply of heating oil delivered to the structure. Oil providers like McKee Energy Solutions offer reliable home heating oil delivery and are available for system service 24/7.

For more information on home heating oil, please contact  the experts with McKee Energy Solutions. Since 1900, the McKee family has strived for excellence in customer satisfaction, proudly serving Cumberland, Rhode Island and the surrounding areas.