Here in the Northeast, we have to take all decisions related to heating our homes in winter very seriously. One of those decisions has to do with fuel; in particular, which of the two main options to choose-are you going to heat with oil or with gas? The oil vs. gas debate is an old one with steadfast proponents on both sides. Note that choosing a fuel is one of those areas where it is important to make the right choice from the start. Here is a look at some of the factors to consider when choosing between the two:

  • Efficiency

In contrast to gas, oil is an extremely efficient fuel. Oil can provide high temperatures to counter the effects of cold winds. In addition, an oil-burning furnace allows you to make precise adjustments so that your home’s temperature is consistent in all rooms. The controls on oil furnaces are also usually simple and easy to figure out.

  • Safety

Oil furnaces do not produce carbon monoxide, unlike gas. Oil will also not explode, nor will it burn while in its liquid state. You can only ignite it with the specialized ignition system inside an oil-burning furnace.

  • Cost

One of the big selling points with natural gas is how much less expensive it is when compared to oil. While there may be a significant difference in cost in the Midwest and other areas, that difference is much less noticeable in Rhode Island. A homeowner in New England who wants to heat their home with gas rather oil will pay considerably more compared to homeowners in other parts of the Northeast. The increased cost of gas is due to constraints on natural gas pipelines in this part of the country.

Oil remains an excellent fuel for keeping your home warm. If you would like to know more about oil furnaces and why oil heating is a great option for your Rhode Island home, contact us at McKee today.