Do you know the term that is used to describe a heating system that powers on and off on a repeated basis? This term is known as short cycling. Does your heating system cycle on and off without providing you with the temperature you need to warm your home?

If you have noticed that your heating system continues to do this, have you made the decision to schedule heating repairs? If you have not scheduled a heating repair technician, you can eventually cause more damage to your heating system if you continue to use the system.

If your furnace only runs for a short time before you hear it stop, your furnace may have a problem with a safety switch. The switch on your furnace is what prevents the plenum from getting overheated. This is an important safety feature that your furnace needs because it helps to protect your home and the people inside.

If your furnace’s plenum reaches a certain temperature that goes beyond what the limit is, your entire furnace could stop working. Your furnace may reach a high temperature for a variety of reasons. One of the more likely reasons this may occur can be due to the lack of air flow. On the other hand, the furnace limit switch could also be damaged or broken.

If you are using a heat pump to heat your home, there is a chance that your system is overheating. If this is the case, your furnace can be experiencing electrical problems. There is also the strong chance that your thermostat is defective. One of the biggest concerns for a furnace that is short cycling is the result of defective and worn parts. Replacing worn parts can be very costly, and this is why it is important to schedule a heating repair consultation as soon as the problem is noticed.

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