Debating on Oil vs. Gas Heat? There’s No Comparison to Oil-Based Heating Systems

Debating on Oil vs. Gas Heat? There’s No Comparison to Oil-Based Heating Systems

Many people mistakenly believe that gas heat is better than oil heat. They think it’s cheaper and more reliable. Chances are; this common misperception simply came from the fact that many people grew up in homes heated by gas. However, oil heat offers the same benefits as gas heat when it comes to affordability and reliability. In addition, it has many other benefits as well.

Oil vs. Gas

Oil heat is safer than gas heat. Oil heat won’t catch fire until it reaches 140 degrees, in its vapor form. Gas is highly flammable at all temperatures. In addition, when there’s a problem with your gas heating system, there are no indicators like the soot, smoke and odors your oil system will produce warning you of a problem. Natural gas will also leak carbon monoxide endlessly leading to major health complications until you figure out there’s an issue.

Despite common belief, oil heat is more affordable than gas heat in most US states, including Rhode Island. Because there is such a high demand for gas fuel, the price is continuing to rise. In addition, the cost to convert an oil heated home to a gas heated home costs around $9000 to boot. If you already have an oil heated home, you should keep it that way.

Oil heating sources are sustainable. Petroleum reserves are plentiful all over the world. No one can say the same thing about gas fuel reserves. In addition, there are renewable biofuels that suppliers can combine with your oil heat as well, creating even more resources.

Oil burns cleaner than gas. Oil produces close to zero emissions. When mixed with compatible biofuels, oil heat is even better for the environment than that. Natural gas emissions are responsible for 18% of the methane emissions that have contributed to climate change and global warming.

The oil heating technologies designed to manage heat distribution throughout your home or place of business are efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Experts have designed these technologies to cut your heat consumption by almost 34%, saving you even more money.

Oil heat just offers more options for the modern property owner all around:

  • Properly maintained oil heating systems have a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years longer than natural gas systems, (30 years compared to 10-14 years), and carry efficiency ratings of 83% to 95%.
  • Your hot water supply will last longer, guaranteeing a nice warm shower on those cold Rhode Island mornings; and
  • Oil heating supply issues are rare compared to gas heating pipeline leaks and incidents. Every home or office building has its own oil supply that is easy for us to control and monitor for you.

Contact us at McKee Energy Solutions today! We know oil heat is the right choice for most Rhode Island residential and commercial clients. Let us show you the difference.

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