Your home’s indoor air quality can quickly change throughout the year, and this will greatly depend on a variety of factors. The only thing that will really stay the same is the fact that you probably keep your home tightly sealed so you can keep the cool air in your home.

However; if your home is always sealed tightly, there is a higher chance that all indoor germs and pollutants will remain in your home which means your home’s air will not be clean. The one season where things can really be bad is during the spring.


We all know that pollen shows up during the spring. Seeing the pollen falling and landing on everything is not something anyone wants to see because it does not always stay outside. 

The pollen can get inside your home through a variety of ways, including by getting on your clothes, getting through the windows, doors, etc. Many people are not only allergic to pet hair but they are also allergic to pollen.

If you want to reduce the chances of an allergic reaction occurring in your home, you should seriously do your best to eliminate pollen from circulating into your home. 

Your Furry Friends

During the spring, you will find pet everywhere in your home because your pets will start to shed their winter fur. You will not only find yourself sweeping and dusting pet hair on a regular basis, but you will also find that all of the pet hair is causing problems with your air quality.   

Do you or someone else in your home suffer from allergies? If so, all of the pet hair and pollen can raise some concerns, especially if they are very sensitive to the various allergens. 

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