In Rhode Island & South Eastern Massachusetts, the summer season calls for a properly sized Air Conditioning system. We get a kind of heat that demands a powerful cooling system in response, and to keep that system in proper order, you need the support of a dedicated team of HVAC professionals. At McKee Bros Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning, you’ll get all of the very best service and care you should expect.

Our certified and licensed cooling system experts can meet all of your Heating Cooling & Plumbing needs, providing customer-focused service that guarantees perfect solutions custom to you and your home. McKee Bros provides comprehensive cooling services that ensure your complete comfort through the hot spring and summer months, and all of our work is absolutely guaranteed.



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When you’re searching for quality solutions and  AC service in RI & S.E MASS,  you can feel confident in choosing McKee Bros to provide the very best service. Contact us online today to learn more, or give our team a call at 401-723-1100 (RI) or email  to set a date for your service!

Air Conditioner Services in RI & S.E MASS

Air Conditioner Installation

A new air conditioner installation needs to provide you with a lot more than just some cooling. You need a system that is both powerful, reliable, and one that is properly sized for your property. That’s why our experts work directly with you, helping you to select the ideal cooling system for your needs. McKee Bros installation services are peerless, and we guarantee a system that is optimized for optimal performance and maximized efficiency.

Air Conditioner Replacement

Wondering if it’s time to replace? It could very well be that a repair service can suit your cooling needs.  Most often, a replacement can help you save on stress and cost, and our experts can help you choose the service that suits you best. Most often, we recommend replacing when:

  • Your homes air conditioner isn’t cooling effectively
  • Your homes current system was IMPROPERLY SIZED
  • Your current A/C system needs repairs too often
  • Your AC is a decade old

Air Conditioner Repair

Every moment that you go without proper cooling is a moment too long. McKee Bros A/C repair team is trained and experienced, able to provide  diagnostics and on the spot solutions to meet all of your repair needs,  Anytime, Any weather.

Professional AC Maintenance

A Professional tune-up and maintenance services can help your air conditioner to perform at its best, optimizing energy-efficiency, reducing the risks of a breakdown, and most often extending your A/C lifespan. At McKee Bros, we take our scheduled maintenance calls seriously, and we have the ability and skill needed to ensure your system gets all of the service it needs.

Why Choose McKee Bros Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning?

Here at McKee Bros, we’re about a lot more than just providing any old service. We’re about providing the best service, and the ones that suit your unique situation and needs best. Our clients have been our number one priority for well over a 100 years, and we back every single project up with a  100% guarantee.

Reliable AC Installation, Replacement, Maintenance & Repair Services

Whenever you need air conditioner service, call McKee Bros Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning Service Awaits Your Call 401-723-1100 to speak to one of our friendly office staff!